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Custom Engine Building & Rebuilding Shop!

You’ve chosen to specialize in High-Performance, Racing and Remanufactured Engine Building.

The automotive marketplace for your engine skills is enormous and includes: late model American and Foreign Cars, Classics, Muscle Cars, High Performance Street Cars, Hot Rods, Trucks, Race Cars and Marine Performance.

Learn about how to turn your knowledge of everything fast and furious into your own shop dedicated to high speed automotive needs!


Be Your Own Boss!!!


  • Jump-Start Your Career and own the Custom Engine Building & Rebuilding Shop, You’ve Always Dreamed Of!!!


Great News For You Engine Builders!


  • calculates the total rebuilt-remanufactured engine marketplace between $3.46 billion and $4.97 billion in rebuilt engine sales for 2014.
  • The upper range number for engines rebuilt in 2014, by both custom and production engine rebuilders, was nearly 1.910 million!


It’s Time For Your Big Career Move!!!


  • Now, you can Rev-Up Your Career with our business start-up Course!
  • Our Custom Engine Building and Engine Rebuilding Business Start-Up Program is the only one of its type and is targeted towards an enormous niche in the multi-billion dollar automotive service marketplace.
  • We’ve designed an Automotive Custom Engine Rebuilding, and Remanufacturing Business Start-Up Manual for You, Complete With Step-By-Step Instructions!


Act Now–Take Advantage of This Opportunity and Put Your Talents to Work!



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