About Us

About Us

Our Mission: Make Training Convenient, Effective and Affordable!

At Pro Rev Tech, we are committed to creating programs designed to take your career to the next level…and that level is working for yourself!

Being your own boss is a luxury that many people can’t afford, simply because they don’t know how. Pro Rev Tech can effectively help guide you from employee to business owner! Now you can be your own boss! We’ll provide the steps.

We began this business with the goal of helping others follow their path to a rewarding future. Anything is possible if you have the desire, knowledge and time to invest in your own success. We can provide the knowledge to get you started. By using our custom Auto Service Business Plan, you can get paid to do what you love. A $180-billion-dollar industry awaits you!

Our Ability

We first began offering start-your-own business programs for automotive technicians, mechanics and machinists, over 30 years ago. Our step-by-step instructions are based on state-of-the-art marketing research, along with decades of industry knowledge…and a shared passion for performing automotive service.

Our Promise: A Special Opportunity Awaits!

Our program offers a unique approach, providing the training, knowledge and skills necessary for maximizing your opportunity for success. Our team has designed a special business program for auto enthusiasts – one that can take your existing skills and amplify them into a profitable new and rewarding business.

Our guidance can empower you to grow and expand your business to a level you never imagined possible!

If you’ve ever considered starting your own business, and you’ve always had a knack for car maintenance, machine shop work, or custom engine building, then we have the perfect program for you!

You’ve imagined being your own boss, but faced the challenge of not knowing how to make that dream a reality.

Now, Pro Rev Tech can guide you on the road to getting started!


The Founding Fathers of the Automotive Aftermarket, Louie Sentor, Ed Iskenderian, Nick Arias, Jr. and John Athan, considered by most to be the Mount Rushmore of the business, were contributors to the coursework at Pro Rev Tech! Astonishingly, these four esteemed men represent over 300 years of experience in the automotive marketplace, as inventors, innovators and entrepreneurs.


Dr. Jeffrey Wm. Laham, began his first automotive service business at age 15. From a small garage in Torrance, California, he began a body and paint business. Later, he added tune-up services. He put himself through the University of Southern California, while in the Jaguar restoration business.

While at the University of Southern California, Dr. Laham earned three Doctor of Philosophy Majors in the fields of Counseling Psychology, Research Methodology and Design, and Clinical Sociology.

Dr. Laham’s unique integrative consulting approach, includes guidance in all perspectives of career development. He has over 30 years of vocational advocate experience, coaching entrepreneurial start-ups and major corporations and supplying expertise in career counseling, leadership assessment and development.

He has extensive experience in the design, development and implementation of business strategies focused on individual peak-performance goals and organizational effectiveness. His step-by-step implementation of targeted goals, expedites clients in developing enhanced levels of productivity, creativity and personal satisfaction.

Over the period of three decades, Dr. Laham has coached executives from a variety of Fortune 500 companies including: General Motors Corporation, Ford Motor Company, IBM, NCR Corporation, Sony, Paramount, The Walt Disney Company, Time-Warner Inc., Viacom International Inc., AT&T Corp.

Stemmed to a line of automotive experts, Dr. Laham’s grandfather was a general automotive shop owner-operator. Dr. Laham’s father was a long-time Garrett AiResearch-Honeywell Senior Automotive Mechanical Engineer and Patent holder, designing turbo charging systems, for the world’s top automotive manufactures.

At his core, Dr. Laham remains an auto enthusiast, building and owning several hot rods and street rods.