The 3 Most Frequently Asked Questions!

Do I need to quit my current job, prior to start-up?

NO! Thanks to our course, you can continue at your present job prior to start-up, or even bring in someone you feel is trustworthy with you. Our How-To course works to eliminate much of the “re-inventing the wheel” process that slows down and stops so many business start-ups!

I don’t have any real management experience. Can I still get involved?

Yes!!! This course is designed especially for you! Our comprehensive, in-depth material, is ideal for the entrepreneur just starting out. And…Our course provides invaluable updates of both practices and techniques, for those of you already acquainted with the industry!

Could I hire a consulting firm to gather this type of information?

The services of a professional and experienced firm could cost you anywhere from ten to twenty-five thousand dollars for research costs. We’ve done it all for you, and the final product is ready for you to get started right now!